Peggy Savage Baumgardner

Andersons Survive the Civil War - Then Seal it with a Kiss

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Historical / Romance /Family Saga
Andersons Survive the Civil War takes the reader on a fascinating journey of one Irish family's relocation from New York to New Orleans right as the Civil War was about to erupt. The Anderson family survived not only the long wagon ride south, but also the tense years of conflict as the Union soldiers take over the city of New Orleans in hostile fashion.
Religious / Spiritual
Edward and Donald Briceson are identical twins, but they could not be more different. The twins lived their lives far apart from each other without as much as a postcard sent between them. One becomes a career criminal and the other becomes the minister of a large, well known church. A web of lies and a string of murders and rapes committed is brought to surface, threatening to destroy the minister's family and his spotless image, as well as the church he has worked so hard to build. The big question is; which brother actually committed the crimes and disgusting sins?
Shortly after Emma Patton finds out that she will receive a large inheritance from her deceased parents she received a proposal of marriage from Harry Carswell. She dreamed they would have a beautiful wedding and a storybook marriage. Instead, she lived in a chamber of horrors.
Science Fiction
The Clark Institute of Science and Research was built on government property in the state of Montana.The purpose of the institute was to clone animals for human consumption and stem cell research. Instead, super humans were cloned in order to form a super human militia force, conquer all nations and rule the world. They were also crossbreeding everything that walked on the earth, swam in the waters or flew in the sky with the intent of becoming lord of all